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CSCU OER: Create

OER and Accessibility

Just like traditional textbooks, open educational materials must be accessible to all students.  Below are resources that help with accessibility standards for OER.

4 Step Strategy

Step 1: Determine Create vs. Revise vs. Remix

  • Searching for existing OER content that meets your outcomes may relieve your need to build new content.
  • If you find resources, determine if they need revisions or remixing of other OER content (Be sure to note the Creative Commons licensing requirements)

Step 2: ​Create Content

  • Creating OER content can be as simple as creating a Word document. When determining the format of your content, try to be mindful of how others may access what you share. While many have Microsoft Word, not everyone does. An RTF file format may be more accessible than a DOCX file, just as a PPT file is easier to edit than a PDF of the same presentation.
  • Be mindful of accessibility concerns when crafting or revising your content. Many programs like Microsoft Word have built-in Accessibility Checkers that can guide you through the steps to ensure your document can be read by screen readers and other assistive technologies

Step 3: License & Attribution

  • If you are creating new work, you will need to visit Creative Commons to select a license that best suits your intentions. Use this quick tool to create your license. 
  • Remember! A Creative Commons license is perpetual and irrevocable. This ensures individuals adopting OER will always have access to the selected OER. 
  • If you’ve included outside materials in your work, please verify that you have the rights to include them in your licensed work.  Additionally, if you have adopted someone else’s work, please verify the original author’s Creative Commons licensing to ensure that you select the proper license.
  • Be sure to attribute any work that you have included. Use this easy tool to use to ensure proper attribution. 

Step 4: Share Your Work

  • Feel free to distribute your work as you see fit.
  • Consider notifying your local librarian or OER council member to include your work in the OpenCSCU network.
  • Consider listing your work in a national repository like OER Commons.

Unsure about licensing?

Ready to Create?

Links to the authoring platform from OER Commons. Use Module Builder to create interactive content or Resource Builder to create course materials using text, files, images, etc. You will be prompted to set up a free account in order to use this platform.