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Open Oregon Find Resource

4 Step Search Strategy

Step 1: Map your course outcomes

  • You probably have this done already!

  • Looking over your outcomes will help you focus on what types of support materials your students need.

Step 2: Establish your search criteria

  • Try to be as specific as possible.  Are you looking for a full course, a textbook, etc.?
  • There are many OER repositories you can search through, and we recommend starting at OER Commons.
  • Below you will find some other common repositories to use.

Step 3: Evaluate your results

  • Look at quality, format, accessibility, usage.  Are revisions needed?

Step 4: Deploy OER in your course

  • Work with your Ed Tech Department to make sure everything is embedded properly into Blackboard.  If you are using an OER textbook, talk to your bookstore so they can order a few print copies for students who prefer a print option.

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